Judith Rivera Rosso


Judith Rivera Rosso loves to help clear energy fields! As a GoE Master Practitioner Energist, she knows the joy of how it feels when her clients, students and even sometimes the people she meets in line at the grocery store, become free from the stressful energy that has been limiting them and they experience the high energy of their healing. Judith is multi-focused in her work, bringing to the AMT her personal experience as a certified practitioner and teacher of classic EFT; author of EFT books including The Great Joy of Healing Past Lives published by a division of Hay House; Master and teacher of Usui, Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki. As a sculptor, writer and filmmaker, Judith loves to use EFT for the mega-benefits of free-flowing energy systems on the creative experiences of her stress-free artist clients. Knowing the benefits of increasing energy flow as we move from stress to free-flowing high energy, she sometimes takes her clients back, using EFT instead of hypnotism, to understand and heal when the real root causes of current challenges, often not even connected with trauma, have originated in a client’s distant lifetime. Although she works with clients all over the world via the Internet, many also love to experience EFT in person at Cascina Rosso, the bed, breakfast & organic farm she shares with her husband in the magical hills of northern Italy.Smile



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